Teaching Philosophy

I believe in always learning and evolving. Below are the five areas that I focus on throughout my teaching.


Engagement is critical to maintain a student's interest. I think if this can be accomplished the learning process will be much easier for the student and teacher. I am blessed that we are in a field with a lot of hands-on activity but even with that you have to take the engagement up a level and have it apply directly to the student. One way this is implemented in my classroom is allowing them to pick a client that they choose and work with that client throughout the semester. This allows the student to really connect with the project and make it very appicable to them.


Building an atmosphere where students feel comfortable to share and ask questions is important. Some of my classes we go around and share something about ourselves and names for the first six weeks of class. While this takes a lot of time I am amazed at this simple activity how much it helps build the community of the classroom. I also go by my first name as I think it does breakdown that teacher/student persona a bit quicker. Asking students simple questions like: did you get your car fixed? How was your weekend? Simple things seem to make a big difference.


Find something about teaching that you love and foster that. If you are not excited or care about what you are teaching there is no way (or makes it more difficult) that students can get excited or care. I try to find that one thing that still makes me excited about the subject and grab onto that to help me build that enthusiasm.


Being clear what you are looking for in terms of the classroom environment, grades and overall learning experience. This includes being organized, prepared and willing to change when things are not going right. Feedback is key to students learning and providing that in a timely manner with appropriate comments.

Fostering Creativity

This is something that I am becoming more passionate about. Teaching graphic designers and web developers creativity is key. Getting students to understand that they are creative. Understanding that creativity is a skill that you can foster and practice. I would love to hear each student at the end go, wow, I am creative. I have just started implementing this in both of my Photoshop classes. Needs some fine tuning but I am excited.

Inspirational Quotes

What we learn with pleasure we never forget.

-Alfred Mercier

Life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner.


In the United States, surveys reveal that teachers are second only to military personal as the occupation that contributes most to society’s well-being.

-Teacher Facts